Taking effect from April 2016, all nurses and midwives will be asked to apply for revalidation. Revalidation will take place every three years using the Nursing and Midwifery Council’s (NMC) online systems as a mean of renewing the registration with the NMC.

Below is a breakdown of the various elements required for revalidation and how Synergy Care Services can support you throughout the process.

450 practice hours, or 900 hours if revalidating as both a nurse and midwife.

We can provide documented proof of any your hours of work completed through Synergy Care Services.

35 hours CPD, including 20 hours participatory learning

Synergy Care Services can help you to identify the range of different learning opportunities that are available to you. Remember, CPD can include completing online learning units, attending a “taught” course, reading a clinical article and doing a piece on reflective practice on it within your team, submitting an award entry or attending an educational event, conference or training seminars or engaging in a relevant social media discussion.

Five pieces of practice related feedback

Synergy Care Services actively encourages feedback from our clients about our nurses; this information will be made available to you. We operate a system of Annual Performance Reviews, which will also be made available to you. Further evidence will be available via annual appraisal. You should also be aware that you can obtain feedback from patients, service users and colleagues. Feedback should not contain any identifying information, and individuals should also be made aware of  the information provided is to be used.

Five written reflective accounts

You must prepare five written reflective accounts based on your CPD and/or practice-related feedback and/or an event or experience taken from your practice, and you need to indicate how this relates to the code.

Reflective accounts need to include what you have learnt from the CPD activity, feedback, event or experience in their practice, how you have changed or improved your practice as a result, and how it is relevant to the Code.

Synergy Care Services has an NMC form that you must use to record your reflective accounts. This will form part of your reflective discussions and provide evidence to show to your confirmer.

Reflective discussion

You must discuss your written reflective accounts with a NMC registered nurse or midwife as part of a reflective discussion.

The reflective discussion partner could be someone that the nurse or midwife frequently works with or someone from a professional network or learning group. Synergy Care Services will be facilitating a discussion/learning group lead by a registered nurse from early 2016.

Synergy Care Services has an NMC form that you must use to record your reflective discussion. This will form part of your reflective discussion and provide the required evidence to be signed by your confirmer.

Health and character declaration

As part of your revalidation application you must provide the NMC with a health and character declaration.

You must declare if you have been convicted of any criminal offence or issued with a formal caution. You will be asked to declare if you have been subject to any adverse determination that your fitness to practise is impaired by a professional or regulatory body (including those responsible for regulating or licensing a health and social care profession).

Professional indemnity arrangements

As part of your revalidation you must declare to the NMC that they have, or will have when practising appropriate cover under a professional indemnity arrangement.


The confirmation process involves you having a discussion about revalidation with an appropriate confirmer. If you have more than one employer or undertake more than one role, you only need to obtain one confirmation. We recommend that you have your revalidation discussion and obtain confirmation through the line manager where you undertake the majority of your work.

As part of the discussion, you will demonstrate to your confirmer that you have complied with all of the revalidation requirements; except professional indemnity arrangements and health and characters.

One of Synergy Care Services registered nurses may act as your confirmer.